How to Listen To Music at School When It Is Blocked

We have all been through the process of listening to music at school, as studying is just not the same without music. However, why some find it easier to access music than others? Is it because they’re in the teacher’s good books and ‘unblocked’ or is it a simpler reason? Well, the answer to this is because they are familiar with the free music sites, which allow you to listen to music, enjoy your work and work with better concentration. If you were also familiar with these music sites, then think about it, no more ‘unentertaining’ lessons again. Below, I mention the answer to how you can listen to music from school as well as some free music sites.

Music Sites to Be Enjoyed At School

There are several music sites that are not blocked in schools, in fact, there is quite a long list. These include: Pure Volume, Jango, Blazin Streetz, GrooveShark, Pandora Radio, Songza, Deezer, and Rhapsody. I’m not sure about all, but at least one or two of these sites will always work for you! Below is a little about each music site, including the services it offers and how it can benefit you whilst working.


On GrooveShark, you have the option to listen to free music streamingonline radio and many more. You can easily stream any song you want using
this music site and all for free. You are also given the option of saving and creating unique playlists, which you can always come back to, without having to search the song from scratch. The music streaming is unlimited and gives you a chance to enjoy many different artists all whilst you work. You never know, thanks to the wide community artists, you may just find a new music taste!


The Jango music site is also a free site and allows you to play and listen to music in an internet radio format. Android and iPhones are also supported by Jango.

Pandora Radio

This music site is pretty much like your very own personalized DJ. You simply specify a song or artist you would like to listen to, and it gives you a custom radio station. This offers you songs that are based on algorithms that consider the instruments and vocals you like. It is very simple and straightforward to use. However, there has been a licensing issue on this site; therefore listeners who are located outside the U.S, Australia and New Zealand can no longer access this music site but they are in the process of making the Pandora Radio site global.


This music service offers an exciting and multi-local experience to over 26 million music fans out there. It is amongst the top ten music sites.


On the Songza music site, you will be introduced to a wide range of music, which ensures you will always find the kind of music you are after. The songs are absolutely free, and simple to find, without taking you through any unnecessary tabs or ads.


The PureVolume music site is also known as ‘Unborn Media’. It allows the upload and stream of music files. Using this music site, you can easily discover new music and emerging artists. On PureVolume, all artists have their own profile, which includes their info, pictures and the songs by them. If you love a specific singer, this option is very easy for you as it saves you from constantly searching for the song and gives you everything on one page!


You will find a range of different activities on this site, which includes news, videos and hip-hop music. School students enjoy using this site for music as it is recently updated and allows them to listen to popular music.

Discover new music with this free music service based on searches. Last FM allows you to be informed of all the music scenario out there. You must take a look at it.